john maeda : the laws of simplicity

john maeda, a renown graphic designer and professor at the mit media lab, introduces ‘the laws of simplicity’.

why? john puts it this way: “the more complexity there is in the market, the more that something simpler stands out. and because technology will only continue to grow in complexity, there is a clear economic benefit to adopting a strategy of simplicity that will help set your product apart.”

caveat: maximizing simplicity is easy, but that is not what people want. they want it simple, but with ever more features.

balancing simplicity and complexity is the challenge we all encounter in design, business, technology and life. john gives us ten simple laws to master that challenge, where the last law encompasses all others.

law no.10, which he calls ‘the one’, says: “simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.”

and he is right, we could live with that single law. in all our aspects of live. but we would have to practice a lot to achieve excellence in that.

it’s a goal worth trying to reach. let’s act! don’t talk!