Come on leaders of the free world, seize the day: All said! Unite! Save the world!

Dear Leaders of the oh so free World,

Please, tell me, what did wiki leak? Something you didn't already know about the government? About your fellow politicians? Other parties in your desperate run for power? Anything you secretely thought about other countries? Nobody was supposed to know?

Everybody knew! Wake up! Leave your ivory towers.

wikileads just proved what everybody knew – nothing else. Because it is the truth everybody ever seeing a diplomat or politician can tell. It is the truth about diplomats knowing to read people. It is the truth about politics, politicians, and parties. It is the truth about the struggle for power.

It is the truth about people bending the truth. We live with it – because their is no alternative available. Power itself lives in another world. Diplomats drive faster as allowed, they park where they want to, they do not pay tickets. They behave like they own the world – in every single country of that world, like politicians.

Seize the day, dear Leaders of the free World!

Seize the day and do not restrict people from reading and publishing those documents on the web. Open up, what is the problem? Nobody get's hurt, everybody just will be proven in their opinion about you all. A great opportunity to start anew.

Admit that only if you yourselves become better people first, you will change the world to become a better place. Use that historic opportunity to change the world forever – starting with yourself!

Use your backbone, stand up to the truth!

Become role models for every single living human on earth. Become honest, talk straight, and act on it. The truth is faster, more efficient & effective than this pseudo polite diplomacy stuff
– everybody already knowing it is just an empty jacket.

If you are truly as strong as you want us to believe in your speeches every day, not one of you Leaders of the free world would call the cables a scandal. You would be strong enough to stand in for every single one of your words, or?
And you should, because they are nothing but the truth.

Everything said now: Get along! Unite! Save the world!

Get your act together. Talk to each other. At eye level. Make peace. Not crossing your fingers behind your back. Work on real problems, not your egos. Unite. Find real solutions. No distractions. Make progress. Save us. Save the world!


12:30hrs > Sturmgeschütz der Verlogenheit, cjakubetz.

16:11hrs > Wishful thinking? … der Anfang von einer neuen, transparenteren, ehrlicheren Demokratie. (Engl: the beginning of a new, more transparent, more honest democracy), last sentence of 'So what?', taz.

Dec, 3rd

15:23hrs > Noam Chomsky: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Profound Hatred for Democracy on the Part of Our Political Leadership", alternet.

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