5 Most Basic Entrepreneurial Lessons from 5 Years of Pro Bono Consultancy

Every now and then I am approached by a girl or guy (from all ages) to challenge their entrepreneurial ventures. Some have already started, others are still within the save havens of an agency et al.

The following lessons are the essentials of 5 years of consultancy, discussions, challengings and support, all pro bono:

01 – Get out of Your Daily Business first!

Splitting a single week into seven sundays means delying your launch by factor 7! Stay close to your idea. Take a break, a holiday, or sabbatical, if you need it.

You cannot pursue a really disruptive idea during the nights, in a lunch break, or the weekend. Forget it. Don’t even think about it.

02 – Stop Making Sense!

Because the disruptive idea needs the absence from daily business, from structures, from rationality. The absence from the brave and streamlined people and business around you.

An disruptive idea is a black swan. They do not thrive in cubicle office environments, they do not prosper in office thinking.

To change your outer environment is the safest way to get rid of your (unconscious) inner limitations. And there shouldn’t be ANY limitations at all while planning your business.

03 – Don’t Dream too Big!

If you dream too big too early – that is in terms of profits, size, world domination – your thoughts will misguide you. You will get greedy, and – by that – hasty, tumultuous, hyperactive, inattentive, and impulsive.

Be disruptive, stay hungry and challenging – but just don’t hope for early and fast riches. Chances are they will come sooner, if you stay close to your calling (and forget about the monetary rewards).

04 – Get used to Splitting the Riches!

Focussing the money leads to another critical point: you will have difficulties splitting the company, sharing the idea, innovation and success. And that will poison your venture right from the start. Learn to share. Learn to praise. Learn to reward.

Your great idea shouldn’t be compromised by resentment, jealousy, and envy. Become more social than you are now. Because:

05 – Don’t Try to Do it Alone!

You cannot do it on your own. Don’t even try it. It won’t work. You will need more competencies than you have today. You will needs friends, partners, whom you can trust to the bone.

All the entrepeneurs I met, I left after a short while, because they were caught in the above vicious circles and endless loops.

Additionally they were convinced they knew best themselves … but you never do, unless you are a Jobs or Zuckerberg …


19:25hrs > Had to add those Six resolutions for strategy types, happytomorrow. They integrate seamlessly.