Revisited: Around the World CEOs and Managers Breathe a Sigh of Relief on Steve Jobs’ Resignation

(Note: Originally posted on August, 25th, 2011)

CEOs and managers may respire. Their hardship is finally over. After Steve’s resignation death on Wednesday, Oct., 5th, (added Oct., 7th) nobody – they hope – will compare them to Steve again.

They all hated to be compared to a phenomenon. They all hated to be confronted with expectations only a Steve Jobs could live up to.

And they had a great excuse: he was the only one, there was no other coming near to his achievements. Yes, he was a phenomenon, and they themselves were great managers. They could live with that.

I must disenthrall them all, it’s even worse: they all could become a Steve Jobs, they all could innovate, they all could transcend markets, they all could build Informal Markets (as I call them), they all could introduce revolutionary business models, and realize them successfully. No excuses apply.

All CEOs and managers could outgrow themselves and inspire the world. They just need to dare to, they just need to be self-confident and self-conscious enough.

They just need to live Distinctive Leadership.
Have a great time becoming an inspiration/leader! Enjoy!
See also: Steve Jobs: “The only way to do Great Work is to love what you do” – plus Stanford Commencement Speech, 2005″.