You better wake up now: Mark Zuckerberg Is Worth More Than NOKIA

I even can't remember when I bought my last NOKIA phone. Do you?

Once a great company, now: Mark Zuckerberg Is Worth More Than NOKIA, as wired puts it.

Mark Zuckerberg is worth more than Nokia. ….is anyone really that surprised?
Via wired.

It feels like NOKIA started to go into hibernation mode at the same time when Mark started to develop facebook – or was it while the first iPhone was introduced!?

NOKIA took a long nap, and is just one in the long row of companies and corporations to underestimate Apple, competition, overall market momentum.

NOKIA is one of the most prominent examples of underestimating emerging competitors, while overestimating – for years and years and years – their own potential.

Today markets are de/constructed by a single person/idea.
Today markets are de/constructed from outside the market.

You better adapt to that.

"Digitalization, the web, and mobility maximize human's individuality, independence, and impatience with unprecedented power.

Still too many managers, brands, and businesses are trapped in now obsolete structures, concepts, and cultures. Too much did they invest in their old beliefs and yesterday's successes to abandon them for good.

New entrepreneurs create revolutionary, skyrocketing business models and markets, products and services – unmatched by traditional brands and managers.

The corporate minds must finally outgrow themselves and live courageously entrepreneurial independence, brilliance, and relevance.
A paradigm shift is overdue." 

Distinctive Leadership

NOKIA is one of The Illiterate of the 21st Century.
Take care, that you do not meet their fate.