The Good Men Project: 25 Rules For Dads Raising Daughters

As a (designated) leader and business wo/man you should know some things about life. One of the most basic and important ones is about raising your kids.

And: "… dads need to be just as attentive and loving as moms if they want to grow healthy, well-adjusted adults. When it comes to fathers with daughters, there are unique challenges associated with this endeavor." – HuffPo

So please read, reflect, and inhale the below rules by The Good Men Project (in case you have questions, and you will, click through to more detailed explanations at the source):

1. Tell her she’s pretty, but tell her other good things about herself more.
2. Teach her that handymen don’t have to be men.
3. Let her play in the mud.
4. Remember that the way you talk about and treat women will have a lasting impact.
5. Teach her the correct names for her genitals, and use them matter-of-factly.
6. Indulge her imagination.
7. Cry when the family pet dies.
8. Teach her honesty and integrity in relationships by demonstrating them in yours.
9. Read her books with great heroes — both boy and girl heroes.
10. Teach her that she has power over her own body and sexuality.
11. Teach her about male sexuality without fear-mongering.
12. Share music with each other.
13. Dress like a princess if she asks you to … And let her dress like a Power Ranger if she wants.
14. Go with her to the nail salon and each of you get a pedicure.
15. Include her in your favorite hobbies.
16. Let her put on shows for you. Then put on a silly show for her.
17. Let her choose any color she wants for one wall in her room.
18. Roughhouse with her.
19. Inspire her with women role models who excel in traditionally male-dominated fields or activities.
20. Don’t shame her for what she wants to wear — but exercise the power to modify.
21. Look her in the eyes and have a real conversation at least once every single day that you’re together.
22. As she gets older, tell her the truth about drugs. Don’t use scare tactics, be honest.
23. Teach her that “No” means “No”, for both herself and others.
24. Allow her to be girly if that’s her thing, but don’t force her to be if she’s not.
25. If she’s still little enough, hold her until she falls asleep sometimes.

– Via psychology notes.

Enjoy your kids!