“Which Company Will be More Successful, the Left or Right Cup of Liebesperlen?” – 08. Juni 2010 revisited

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Ich liebe diese siebenjährige Parabelperle immer noch. Enjoy!


“Where would you like to work? In the left or in the right cup? And why?

The right one is structured, thoughtfully layered, you will know your place right from the start. Everything and everyone has and knows its place.

The white pearls are right on top, the union pearls follow, then – for political reasons – the environmentalists, then the women (in pink), and the yellowish labour force doing the dirty ground floor work.

Best view from the top, best air condition, a place in the sun. Simple hierachies, simple directions, simple and clear rules, and ways of communication. Vertical silos. No risks. Just wait to get to the top, once you become white.

The other cup is over-complex, chaotic. Thousands of projects, teams, responsibilities, ideas. Diversity everywhere. No ‘natural’ boundaries. Looks busy like an anthill.

No top, no bottom. No limits for the individual. No clear routes of communication. No clear routes of doing business. No rules. Just one: Challenge everything. No security. Everybody fighting for awareness, attention, appreciation (Link added June, 24th, 2010). Against everybody else. Continuously. 24/7/365.

Which cup would you prefer?”

Ja, ich weiß, ich habe die beiden Cups/Companies ein wenig tendenziös beschrieben. :)

In diesem Sinne!

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